hands and legs・joint ballsHands&Legs・Joint balls

hands and legs1 Hands&Legshand and legs2

I cut the knees and elbows of the parts and took off the cores.
Then I filed the parts to be smoothly.

These hands have wire bones.
I bundled the 5 wires and passed it through a bead.
I made the bones of the hands then
put clay on them and formed.
Legs have bone wires of each fingers too.



Plastic beads are glued by bond. I made the loop with wire. These are used to hook crooked wire. I put the looped wire into the hole of beads.



Here are phots of hand which are pained/ →Hands

ball Joint Balldoll's ball parts

I used marbles as molds of joint balls.
I needed many molds so I made marbles models on oil clay.
Put the wrap on the clay and press the marbles on it.
Then it become the mold of hemisphere.
Stuff clay sheets into the models.
After the hemispheres dried, put each two of them together.
I did this process very rough, so in the next process it took a lot of time.

joint ball1

joint ball2

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