Making up Doll

Pastel PastelpXe

I chose pastel to give her the color of blood.
My pastel is NOUVEL's.

I used the colors number 019, 040, 037 and 035.
I put the colors on joints.

Number 108 and 080 was very faint.
These colors were to express venous color.

pastel make1

pastel make2

Make the shape of fingernails.

Scrape the tip of the fingers.
Put pink, purple and white.
Then coat nails with varnish.


color pencil Colored Pencil color pencil

I drew her eyebrows, eye lines and lips by water-colored pencil.
Lips are orange and red.
Her eyebrows and eye lines are brown but her eyebrows are faint.
Her photo after make up are here
After Make Up

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