I used gstone dust clayhto make a doll. It was too hard to form small parts. So I used glight clayhalso. I mixed two types of clay.

Stone Dust Clay





paint Paintspaint

I used acrylic color to paint the doll.

Many professional doll artists use oil paint because it has beautiful color. But I don't know how to use oil paint. So, I thought acrylic color is better for me.

modeling paste CoatingfOy[Xg

I used gmodeling pastehfor coating. gmodeling pastehis a medium for acrylic painting. Japanese traditional paints ggohunh may be the best for a dolls. But it was expensive and too much for me. It is a kind of powder of oyster's husk.

make up for a doll Make-UpCN

I used gPastelh for making the doll up.

doll's wire Wirej

Wire was used to form hooks which jointe the balls and the parts. Stainless steel is best because it doesn't rust. I bought the wire at a 100 yen shop.

elasitic band ElasticS

Elastic was used to suspend parts together. It is 100 yen shop's too.

beads Beadsr[Y

Beads is substitutes for small joint balls.

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