how to sew doll-hairDoll Hair

Twist Code Twist CodeTwist Code

I used twist code to make her hair. I bought the code from Nakamura. This code consist from three bunches of strings. Unravel the code and get each bunch.

Twist Code1

Twist Code2

Twist Code3

The bunches have acrylic yarns and cotton core. I used only acrylic yarns. Take the acrylic yarns off from cotton core. The yarns are two time length of doll's hair.

doll-hair Sew The yarnsdoll-hair

Make bunches of acrylic yarns. Fold the bunches to the half and then sew it on the cap like the picture. Then glue by Bond to keep the yarns tidy.

sew the doll-hair2

sew the doll-hair3

Dry the wig.

dry the hair

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